About Us

Empower Artworks is a husband-and-wife collaborative effort. We have lived close to the earth in Southern Oregon for over 35 years. We are blessed to steward a mixture of farm and forest land, and we cultivate a large garden and orchard. We raise pasture pigs for meat and lard, and we routinely make the two-and-a-half-hour trek to the ocean to harvest scallops, crab, fish and to enjoy the salt, sand, and crashing waves. Every home we have lived in we built with our own two hands, and our sole heat source is wood, which we gather from our property. We raised our sweet children, that now have children of their own, with a deep love for themselves, others, and the earth.
Over the years we have worked to help the environment and community in many ways. Tim has experience with many aspects of forestry work including tree planting, firefighting, pinecone harvesting, plant and animal surveys, and forest restoration. In recent years his focus turned to caregiving, and hospice work. In 2003, Tim obtained his open-water scuba certification and then became a scuba instructor in 2009. Currently, his passions are kelp forest restoration and ocean survey work with ORKA and Reef Check and rebreather diving. Through the years, Luna has taught many children and she enjoys helping them learn social-emotional skills that instill self-love. The words we say to children become their inner speech and they are powerful. Luna has many passions: carpentry, stained glass, sewing, scrapbooking, book binding, pottery, gardening, leather work, beading, candle making, beekeeping, and food preservation. We are collaborating to create and design products using locally sourced natural materials and eco-friendly finishes.
We love the earth. We care about this planet we call home, and we strive to walk in balance with respect for all living things. Our goal is to help promote positive change by raising awareness of environmental and social issues through the platform of artistic, ecofriendly products.