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Heart Mandala Magnet

Heart Mandala Magnet

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle, and it is an artistic and spiritual representation of higher thought and deep consciousness. A geometric design, the mandala focuses one’s attention. The mandala guides, centers, transforms, and it creates a sacred space that allows for peace of mind, introspection, deeper awareness, and a healing of body, mind, and heart.

The Heart symbol represents love, internal and external for oneself and others, and it brings happiness, joy, and peace.  May we all have love in our lives.

Laser engraved, live edge Western Ash magnet. Handmade in the USA.

Materials: Sustainably harvested wood, Western Ash, water-based sealer, ceramic magnet, glue.

Dimensions: Approximately 1¾” diameter x 3/8” thick with magnet.

Ceramic industrial magnet is an 18mm/0.71” round disk that is 5mm/0.2” thick. Magnets have an anti-scratch design with beveled edges to prevent scratching surfaces.

Wood is sustainably harvested by hand in Southern Oregon for fuels reduction and forest health. 

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