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Yin-Yang Magnet

Yin-Yang Magnet

The Yin and Yang, in traditional Chinese medicine, are opposing forces and complementing cosmic energies. The Yin represents the earth’s energy, grounded, dark, quiet, still, feminine, contemplative, and receptive. The Yang represents the sun’s energy, brightness, action, heat, masculine, movement, and expansion. Even though they are in opposition, these forces work together, and one cannot exist without the other. When the Yin and Yang are in balance, healing can occur.

Laser engraved, live edge Western Ash magnet. Handmade in the USA.

Materials: Sustainably harvested wood, Western Ash, water-based sealer, ceramic magnet, glue.

Dimensions: Approximately 1¾” diameter x 3/8” thick with magnet.

Ceramic industrial magnet is an 18mm/0.71” round disk that is 5mm/0.2” thick. Magnets have an anti-scratch design with beveled edges to prevent scratching surfaces.

Wood is sustainably harvested by hand in Southern Oregon for fuels reduction and forest health. 

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